We Bring Career Opportunities To Your Students With Our Employment Advantage Program

We help to transition your students from school to their best first career opportunity. We understand it takes more than a beautiful portfolio or resume to get your graduates placed. First, we have to motivate them to graduate and be licensed.

Your students have many paths to take, and we will be that opportunity network pathway.

Here’s what the Beauty Cast Employment Advantage student program offers:

  • A Lead Generation platform exclusive for beauty school students directly connects them to current career opportunities in the beauty, barber and wellness industry
  • The program will also connect students with industry employers that are looking for non-licensed employees who want to work part-time and get more experience in the industry. For your school, it may also count as a placement.
  • Weekly, short video tips to help your students “Keep Their Eyes on the Prize”. Every Monday morning they will receive “The Beauty Cast Minute”.
  • Our every other Wednesday e-newsletter, The Beauty Cast Mentor, and our annual digital Career Closeup career guide features content and videos to help students prepare for their career search.
  • A monthly digital playbook for your educators and administrators provides tools and engagement activities reinforcing career readiness.
  • Live events for students in major markets where they can gather, network, and explore career opportunities and ways to increase their earning potential.
  • Quarterly, 90-minute fun and engaging virtual career fairs can be live streamed or on demand.
  • Student 30-minute webinars on preparing for their Best First Career Opportunity. These will be recorded and available for your educators to play on demand.

And what we ask from you, with no cost to your school:

  • Just say YES, we want to support our students with career readiness and placement opportunities and encourage them to join the FREE Beauty Cast Student Network. Simply click the link below, register your school, list your educators, and get started.
  • We will provide your school with display posters and materials for your students to digitally join the Network. Also, you agree to promote Beauty Cast, either at enrollment or orientation, whichever works best for your school.
  • Place the Beauty Cast Employment Advantage link on your website so prospective students can discover this awesome resource you offer your students.