2 Important Tips on How to master the Art of Salon Responsibilities: Nurturing Client Relationships, Crafting Flawless Styles, and Managing Boundaries

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  1. Embrace Salon Responsibilities with Professionalism, Precision, and Client-Centric Care:
    As a salon professional, you have a lot of responsibilities, especially when it comes to your career. Everyday, you are faced with the task of determining each of your clients’ hairdressing needs, preferences, and specifications according to their likes, inspiration, and facial features. Being a stylist, however, it’s easy to get carried away with fixating on details. So much so, that other aspects of a great career may fall onto the back burner. To succeed in such a role does require a good amount of knowledge of the products and formulas that you’re using, but it also needs a significant bit of responsibility.

  2. Acknowledging your Responsibilities while also Prioritizing Mental Health:
    Contrary to what some may think, the responsibilities of a salon professional go beyond just dying, cutting, and styling hair. Above all else, to be a great salon professional means to put your clients first — both in and out of the chair. From talking to your clients and engaging in conversation for long appointments, to listening to your clients’ struggles, it is your duty as a salon professional to be there for your client both mentally and physically. Not only does this improve your clients’ experiences, but it also allows you to connect with people from all walks of life, and make each and every one of them feel comfortable in your chair. However, it’s also important to be there for yourself. While it’s common to prioritize our careers, it is equally as important to prioritize your mental wellbeing. Oftentimes, clients have a tendency to overshare, and some of the topics that may be brought up can be triggering or distressing to some. Because of this, it’s your job as a salon professional to show up for yourself mentally — set boundaries, take breaks when needed, try and re-direct uncomfortable conversations, seek professional help if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or triggered, and always take care of yourself, first. Remember, self-care isn’t selfish: instead, it’s something that will only benefit you in your career!

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Being a salon professional isn’t an easy job, but it is a rewarding one. The ability to treat others, and yourself, with responsibility, is a necessary part of your career. We want you to feel as good walking into work as you do out of the salon.

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