5 Steps to Build Your Career Confidence

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A great resume can help you get your foot in the door, but it’s the interview where you really get a chance to make an impression on your future employer. They’ll remember your poise, your authenticity and your preparedness—and if you knock it out of the park with those things, there’s a great chance you’ll land the job of your dreams.

Think of an interview as a two-way street: it’s for you as much as it’s for your potential employer. While they’re getting to know you, you also have the chance to observe the workplace environment and culture of their business.

We talked with Lea Lucarelli about best practices she’s picked up from her years as a District Manager for a group of European Wax Center franchise locations in Michigan.

  1. She emphasized the importance of working on your hustle while you’re still in school by focusing on things like retail skills, upselling skills, and building your book. Lucarelli also urges job candidates to refine their resume as much as possible before sending it out. If your beauty program doesn’t have a dedicated resume course, try reaching out to someone established, whose professional advice you trust, and let them look at your resume with a critical eye. Sometimes just improving key words and incorporating action verbs can make a huge difference in the overall tone of your resume.
  1. Projecting confidence will do wonders in your interview. “When it comes to interviewing, you should be confident and willing to learn new things. When I first interviewed with EWC, I had never performed a Brazilian wax before—but I was confident I could master it and willing to learn.” Even little things, like eye contact and smiling, can convey as signs of confidence—even if you’re nervous on the inside!
  1. Be thoughtful about your appearance when you go in for an interview. Turns out, the old saying of dress for the job you want, not the job you have is actually pretty timeless. “I highly encourage dressing for the job and professionalism level you aspire to get to,” says Lucarelli. “We’re in the personal care industry, so we should look like we care about our skin, hair, and appearance.”
  1. Attitude matters. Lucarelli told us when she’s interviewing, she’s looking for a positive attitude and the spirit of someone who likes to hustle for their business. Interacting with customers (guests?) on a genuine and personable level helps build rapport and lends itself to building a loyal customer base. Being a team player is also a good trait to project to potential employers. “I’m looking for someone with a willingness to learn, be adaptable, and grow within our team,” says Lucarelli.
  1. Stay teachable. Because you’ll probably end up learning the bulk of your specialized skills on the job, Lucarelli notes that she looks for someone who’s not only confident, “but someone who’s goal-oriented and has a productive spirit.” If you can demonstrate to an employer that you see every day as an opportunity to learn something new , and seek out ways you can continue perfecting your craft, you’ll stand head and shoulders above other job candidates!

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