7 Ways to Maintain Seasonal Wellness Habits

By: Rachael Sacerdoti, Founder of Fitness & Nutrition program, It’s So Simple (Reprinted from Beauty Launchpad)


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Colder weather and shorter days can make it difficult to keep up with fitness habits. As summer turns to fall, consider these seven expert tips from Rachael Sacerdoti to help you maintain your routines through the more challenging months at the end of the year.

1. Keep up with Protein Intake

Get enough quality protein in your diet (aim for 90 g or more). Protein is vital for everybody and is an essential part of a healthy diet, helping to build and repair cells, bones, muscles and joints. Sacerdoti suggests eating chicken and eggs to add more protein to a meal. During colder weather, you should consider more hearty dishes, like baked eggs with tomatoes and spinach.

2. Use Complex Carbs to Control Blood Sugar

Carbs are the body’s main source of energy. Eating the right carbs with a low GI, such as whole grains, sweet potato and quinoa, will emit a slow and steady energy supply, stopping that sluggish feeling that always seems to hit mid-afternoon.

3. Drink Plenty of Water

Water supports the entire body and mind for better performance and mood and has many benefits for skin, digestion, sleep and hunger. Sacerdoti suggests drinking two and a half liters a day for a longer, happier and more comfortable life.

4. Resistance Training

Incorporating regular resistance training is an absolute must for anyone who wants to feel empowered. It is the most effective way to invest in strength, lift energy levels and speed up metabolism. Resistance training also helps with mobility, range of motion and balance.

5. Regular Cardio

Cardio is the most effective exercise for generating energy throughout the entire body. If you are bored of the typical jogging or cycling, incorporate more playful activities like skipping, dancing or even hula-hooping. A brisk walk immersed in nature will also do the trick for those who prefer something a bit more low-key.

6. Adopt an Accountability Partner

Having someone to rely on for a workout can be the glue that keeps motivation strong. It makes the entire experience more social, and you can share your accomplishments and goals, cheer each other on and lean on each other for support.

7. Maintain a Strong Immune System

Keep the body in tip-top condition and congestion-free by incorporating vitamins A, B and C, along with fiber, into daily life. A happy and well-fed gut is the key to a healthier body, along with a strong immune system to keep seasonal ailments at bay and help control inflammation. Sacerdoti suggests sweet potatoes, spinach, carrots and whole grains as ideal go-to comfort foods.

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