Building Trust With Your Clients

By: Jeffrey Paul, Founder of Hair Loss University and Wigs for Kids Foundation



Editor’s Note: This article was written for those who deal with clients suffering from hair loss but the importance of good consultation practices apply to all clients.

The concept of openness can be confusing. Some people think that to be a good communicator and to be open to their customers, co-workers, and others they must always adapt to the environment they are in. In our industry there is a stylist who has a sign in the salon that says, “In matters of style, swim with the current, but in matters of principle, stand like a rock.”

As professionals we have the mission to be open to the needs of our customers in each consultation, but we must be clear with them about our standards of performance. Each consultation from the time we meet them in the lobby until we escort them to the door is a time of important communication. Our openness will always show in our communication so we must draw out from them their needs and clearly explain our ability to meet those needs. 


Building trust is challenging work. It begins with making sure the customer hears our messages and they understand them. This means we have to watch body language and expressions to see if and how the customer absorbs our message. We must work to understand our customer background, and culture. At the same time, we must always be teaching and sharing what is possible within our professional craft. The customer must be able to rely on our promises and instructions. 


As we collaborate with the customer, we must work to help them understand our offerings. We can demonstrate products and techniques so they have a better idea of the results of the level of services we are proposing. We have to be sure they understand the limits that are imposed by products and services. Each client offering must be coached and motivated so that the client has full buy-in and does not create for themselves false expectations. 


When we reach the action step of the customers’ approval of the solutions that will help them cope with hair loss, we must give them a clear picture of the outcome. The action step of fully documenting the solution is critical to the continued success of the relationship. They will rely on the supporting process no matter if it is hard copy, a series of emails, or a video production. We must be reinforcing our messages regularly so that the customers are continuously renewing their relationship with us

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