How to Build Your Self-Confidence as a Beauty Professional

By: Adriana Nakamura


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Sometime over the summer I interviewed a cosmo friend about lash lifts (her specialty service) for a blog post. In my post I mentioned that she performed my service with confidence, which made me feel comfortable. Her confidence, to me, translated into her being capable as well an expert at lash lifts. I knew I was in good hands and she’s the only person I will go to for a lash lift.

Having confidence in yourself and your work is a vital trait for anyone in the beauty industry, especially if you’re building a clientele. Your ability to make your clients feel comfortable when you work with them is crucial to building long-lasting relationships with them.

To build your confidence, you need to believe in yourself and know you can accomplish anything you put your mind to—because you can! If you are learning something new and it gets overwhelming, don’t give up. Step away from it for a bit. Go for a walk and come back when your mind is clear. Just a bit of time away from your task can help you refresh, and it helps your brain to process what you’re trying to learn.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you’re pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, but you can do it. Once you push yourself and realize you can do what you thought was impossible, your confidence in your abilities to do difficult things will grow in leaps and bounds.

Another crucial aspect of building self-confidence is taking care of yourself, both physically and emotionally. Get out for a daily walk and be sure to stretch. If you enjoy working out then go to the gym. The simple act of moving can clear your mind and make you feel refreshed. You won’t feel so overwhelmed and will be energized to learn and get better at what you’re trying to improve. If you feel good it shows, and your clients can definitely see it too.

Confidence can also come from surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people. This can include other beauty pros, mentors, and even supportive clients. These relationships can help boost your confidence and provide a sounding board for ideas and feedback. You can even join professional organizations, attend conferences, and take classes to expand your knowledge and skills. This will not only make you proficient in your work but also help you network with other professionals in the industry.

Building self-confidence requires a combination of self-belief, self-care, knowing when to step back and take a break, positive relationships, and a willingness to learn. When you focus on these areas, you can build the kind of clientele you want because you will be able to attract and keep them. The result will be a fulfilling and successful career in the beauty industry. Keep working on building your self-confidence, and you will see the benefits in both your personal and professional life.

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