Student Spotlight – Benita Ramirez Cervantes

By: Jim Cox



This week our Student Spotlight shines on Benita Ramirez Cervantes, @vuhnita, a student at Tennessee College of Applied Technology in Memphis, Tennessee. She won a $3,000 scholarship from European Wax Center’s “Experts in Wax” scholarship program administered by the Beauty Changes Lives Foundation.

Benita never expected to be in her thirties and starting a program in cosmetology.  She spent years hopping from job to job, never truly enjoying the work. She said that insecurity and lack of motivation had kept her from truly finding her calling.  It wasn’t until 2017, when she attended her first industry event she fell in love and knew this was her career path.  She signed up for every class at that show and spent the next two days learning all she could about this amazing industry.  As a full-time mom, she is only able to go to school in the evenings and winning the scholarship will contribute to her family’s financial freedom and complete her dream. She can’t wait to be a part of it and make her mark. Check out her winning submission HERE.

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