Student Spotlight – Zoe Hayes

By: Jim Cox



Zoe Hayes – Esthetics
Aveda Arts and Sciences Institute Dallas, TX
“Simply laying in the grass, swimming in the ocean, and feeling the sun on your face can heal the body and soul, environmental sustainability is vital to our survival right now” Zoe Hayes explains. “…humans are a part of nature, and we have a responsibility to this planet to take care of it.” Zoe goes on to say that one small thing that we can do to support sustainability is by switching from plastic to reusable containers. Horst was enthusiastic about a holistic approach to life in all areas, mind, body, and soul. She strives to do even the “little things” to take care of the planet. Horst stated in an interview “that if you do anything out of pure love, you are automatically successful.” Zoe has a passion for holistic science and natural esthetics and hopes to use what she has learned to make a difference for the planet so that it can continue to be sustainable for the future. You can check out his winning video submission HERE.

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