The Mindset of a Successful Stylist

By: Julianna Marie, JCPenney Salon


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It’s common knowledge that stylists hold the power to transform people’s lives through their creativity and talent. However, becoming a successful stylist requires more than just skills — it takes a certain mindset to turn a passion into a thriving business. While shears and bleach can get you far as a stylist, there are a few key traits and habits that can help stylists get into the mindset of success.



Learn the Power of Perseverance


The journey to success is never linear — there will be roadblocks, bumps, highs, and lows on your way to your goals. Sometimes, these obstacles may cause some stylists to turn in their tools and pursue a different path. However, bumps in the road exist to make you stronger, and if you truly believe that this is your career destiny, you must remember the importance of perseverance. Perseverance is a continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure, or opposition — it is the ability to keep doing something despite obstacles. People who persevere show steadfastness in doing something despite how hard it is or how long it takes to reach the goal. But beyond that, perseverance is all about adapting to change. Whether you’re dealing with a lull in clientele, discovering a bad review, or feeling the pressures of evolving in the workplace, perseverance is the ability to identify these challenges and find a way to overcome them. To persevere is to be creative with your solutions, and never let negativity get the best of you in pursuit of your stylist goals.



Establish your long and short-term goals


One of the best ways that you can get into a successful stylist mindset is to set SMART goals. The SMART formula is a system designed to help you achieve your goals faster by getting as specific as possible on what it is you’re wanting out of your goals. The SMART formula as you go through your goals to ensure they are:

● Specific.

● Measurable.

● Achievable/Attainable.

● Relevant/Realistic.

● Time-based.


An example of a useful SMART goal is, “I will bring in the right clients by posting to my business Instagram page 3 times per week.” Above all else, remember to be patient! It can take years for a stylist to establish a full clientele and reach the level of success that they desire. Keep at it, stay consistent, and success will find its way into your chair.



How JCP will set you up for success:


We aim to provide an environment for our stylists to evolve and grow with a focus on creating an experience that meets the needs of the diverse American families that we serve. With over 600 locations across the country, paid education classes, and some of the highest commission rates in the industry, we have the resources to help take your career to the next level.

● On-going education.

● Mentoring and career development opportunities.

● Diverse career paths.

● Up to 70% commission and up to $1,000 bonus based on performance.


Remember, success is a mindset. Finding the right people to help you grow along the way is the key — and at JCP, we’re constantly fostering an environment that allows our stylists to achieve the goals they want and deserve.


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