Ways to Open Up Your Mind to Creativity

By: Adriana Nakamura


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The beauty industry naturally attracts creative types of personalities; but creative or not, it’s still a job, and sometimes you can get busy and distracted. When you’re knee-deep in work trying to fix someone’s bad haircut or working with back-to-back clients all day, it’s easy to switch to autopilot to get through the day. Creativity, unfortunately, sometimes gets pushed to the side as you start to get busier

After a while, you may feel as though your creativity has been drained from you. Fortunately, that’s not the case. You just might need a little inspiration and motivation. If you’re looking for ways to reignite your creativity, then consider these steps to get yourself started.

Change Up Your Environment

There is so much inspiration around us if we are open to seeing it, which is why we should switch up what we do every so often. I follow different nail artists on Instagram, and not long ago one of them (@rachel.messick) went to Disneyland.

While there she took pics of buildings, gates, walls, colors, mirrors, interesting decor, and many other motifs she believed would make good nail designs. I thought that was very smart, and I could see how the items she took photos of would translate nicely into nail art.

After seeing her posts, I started to look at things around me a little differently. 

Learn More About Something Non-Beauty That Interests You

Do you have a hobby or interest outside of beauty? Focus some more of your time and energy there. You never know what type of inspiration you will find in an outside hobby. Something seemingly insignificant can spark your imagination and translate to hair, nails, makeup, anything. 


Reading opens your mind up to limitless possibilities. And while I’m all for reading blogs, articles, and books online, take some time to get out. Go browse some physical books at the library. Spend some time in the magazine section at your local bookstore.

Recently I had some extra time and was near a bookstore. I went in to browse the magazines for a while. At first, I made a beeline for the beauty and fashion magazines because those are what I usually read. Then I stopped and made myself look around at the other racks.

I looked through magazines on architecture, interior design, luxury cars, food, writing, and even knitting. One knitting magazine really caught me off guard because it featured up-and-coming artists creating wearable designs that were surprisingly modern, edgy, and just really cool.

Overall, it was interesting to see all the designs, colors, and materials reflected in each category of the magazines I looked through. 

Go for a Walk

Going for a walk is in line with changing up your environment and being observant, but it’s something you can do almost anytime and for any amount of time you choose. You can go somewhere quiet and peaceful and just be alone with your thoughts. Or you can listen to an audiobook or podcast. Whatever you decide to do, just allow yourself to focus on what you’re doing. Think of it as a type of meditation. 

If you’re feeling uninspired and lacking in creativity, just know it’s not a permanent state. You can get yourself going again, and you can start by giving at least one of these suggestions a try. You might be surprised at how helpful they are. 

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