Why Teamwork Matters in the Barbershop

By: Roushan Ellis, Educator for Johnny B. Haircare


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I’ve been a professional barber for six years and an educator for Johnny B. Haircare for five of them. I’ve learned a lot since my first day behind the chair, and my hope is that I can share some insight with you about why teamwork is important in making your journey a little easier as you begin your professional career.


A team can be defined in many ways, but when it comes to a barbershop environment, a team is a group of people who come from different backgrounds, who possess complementary skills, who work side-by-side, who bounce ideas off one another while striving to achieve a common goal. Choosing the right shop with the right team is one of the most valuable things you can do for your future.



Struggling with leadership skills and working with other people are just a few of the adjustments you face when starting out in a new environment. It is important to make sure that you choose a shop where all the players are working together and not against each other. Successful teams stay healthy and driven because their team members put the team before themselves. Remember, there’s no I in team, and trust me when I say this is key when you are being paid for the first time to work as a barber behind the chair.



Being a team player begins with spreading good vibes and creating a harmonious environment. Positive energy is infectious, so when people are in your space, they can’t help feeding off that element. It’s important to always be kind and leave your attitude and any problems at the door before you begin your day. When you see other barbers in the shop who have done a great job on a cut, compliment their work. A culture based on honest feedback is the foundation of a healthy working relationship with your peers. Communicating, supporting, and motivating each other is the best way to work cooperatively. When everyone works together towards a common goal, you’re doing it as a team, forming bonds that can develop into real friendship.



Working as a team also includes sharing knowledge. This helps remove communication barriers and increases the ease and efficiency of information being shared in the shop. Don’t be afraid to ask your fellow barbers about what helped them succeed as they started their professional journeys. What you’ll discover is that each of them has been where you are. Simply paying close attention to each other’s passions is an easy way to get to know the people you’re working next to on a daily basis.



A little encouragement goes a long way, especially in an open and harmonious learning environment. Your shop should be a safe space. There should be no hesitation bringing up any issues or concerns you’re having. Great customer service, active listening, time management, and incorporating interpersonal skills that create bonds with clients all come with time and experience.

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